Merging online and offline

Merging online and offline
In the past year, the town market with 350 million people has become the key to OppO and vivo’s « counterattack » in the four-to-five-line market that Internet handsets have been hard to reach. In this year’s big push for commerce, many Internet vendors who had previously extended their tentacles to « offline » began a new « counterattack ».
According to reporters, Glory now has nearly a thousand offline stores, and the proportion of offline stores is still rising. And the share of the two is very close now, about 55% of which is online and 45% is offline. « probably this year we reach 50:50, half to half. In individual Chinese English Translation,Translate English to Chinese offline promotions, such as the May Day special day, offline sales will also significantly reverse the overrun, and the current offline partners to glory store speed is also very fast. The spokesman told reporters that Glory has become the most balanced mobile phone brand in the mobile phone industry both online and offline.
Millet has been actively laying out offline channels since 2016. At the 17th Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum in February, Lei Jun, chairman of millet science and technology, announced that 1000 offline stores would be opened in three years.

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« The Internet has not changed the essence of things. Tofu is still the tofu. E-commerce as a sales channel or tool will continue to develop, but from the current development of smartphones, only online sales capacity is not enough, but also off-line and supply chain management and control of the overall capacity. Wang Yanhui told reporters that the future mobile phone manufacturers need to be all-channel capabilities as well as the whole industry chain of the ability to control the disk.
In a sense, the handover of Internet phone brands has just begun.

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