The feast of the Great Northern Wilderness

Chinese people are very concerned about « eating ». Confucius has been talking about « eating men and women, people’s great desires » in the book of rites. The so-called diet is now equal to the problems of the people’s livelihood. The reason I care is that I can’t afford to eat, I’m not full, I can’t eat well, so I try to concentrate on eating, can’t I? I have an experience like this too.

The food on the the Great Northern Wilderness farm is not flattering. Besides, eating well is also not conducive to the cultivation of the spirit of ideological transformation and hard struggle.

Three meals a day, the main food is ballast rice, corn seeds, sorghum ballast, sometimes with a little rice boiled into « gold and silver rice ». Winter dishes mainly include Chinese cabbage, green radish and potatoes, mostly from farms and stored in cellars. But the weather is too cold, the food is still a lot of freezing, and the cooks like a chopping knife like a chopper into a lump, frozen in a large pot with water, and a layer of ice on it, then it is frozen and can be used to stir fry.

There are a lot of wild dogs on the farm. According to the law of the jungle, they are allowed to kill themselves. But the farm reclamation fighters often find stubble to beat the dog, so that everyone can have a delicious meal of dog meat. Impression, we have also eaten horse meat, that is the field horse was injured, not good treatment, had to endure pain and died, divided the horse meat to eat.

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